Jeff and  I are beyond thrilled to share my brand new Video / Single, DRUNKEN FOOL!!

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“Drunken Fool” is video #4 in the “A Cold Wind Blows” series. Although there is a darker side to the story, our video producer extraordinaire, Jace Smith did a stellar job envisioning and capturing the live performance, energy and FUN that the music conveys!

A very special thank you to Crook Stewart III and Victoria Ciccarelli Stewartfor allowing us to film at The Ghetto Palace and for playing starring roles in the video!! And Irene Phillips (Irene and Company) for Debra’s co-stars (boots), clothing and styling! Thanks also to our video Co-producer,Elizabeth Catlord (aka Cox). The video was filmed in Panama City / Beach, Florida.Our sincere “thank you’s” go out each and every person involved to make the video the “PARTAY” that lives on!!!FEATURING
Debra Lyn (Lead Singer); Jeff Silverman (Guitar); Crook Stewart III (Drunken Fool); Victoria Stewart (Backup Vocals); Scott Fryer (Drummer); Lisa Rains(Backup Vocals); Matt Law (Bass); Bruce Stephen Foster (Keyboard); Ashley Danielle Feller (Accordion); Joey Shaling (Dobro)

Chaz Butler; Herbie Lawley III; Dave Lloyd; Amanda Matthews; Greg Simmons; Stacy Wilfong Burris; Joel Cowan Jr (Cheatin’ Husband); Janet Lewis; Irene Phillips; Tim Robinson; Jan Simmons Photography; Olivia Sulliivan

Produced, and Engineered by Jeff Silverman
Mixed & Mastered and Recorded at Palette Studio (MSP & VSN), Nashville, TN – Virtual Studio Nashville – VSN

Debra Lyn: Vocals
David Flint: Acoustic and Resonator Guitar
Jeff Taylor: Accordion
Matthew Burgess: Percussion / Drums
Jeff Silverman: Bass

Promo by: Art Tawanghar

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