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All the videos on one page!

A “sampler video” to give you a quick listen to all of the songs on the “Blue Sun Rises” CD!

The “Blue Sun Rises” lyric video featuring a 3D Surround Sound Headphone Mix. You can certainly listen to this on your speakers, but it’s best through headphones!

I PULL ME DOWN (The Maids of Mitchelstown) – Debra’s first release from her upcoming album.

WAYFARING STRANGER (Teaser) – the ending from Debra’s upcoming album featuring Lily Rose Fisher, Irish Step Dancing.

A COLD WIND BLOWS – Part 1 of the “A Cold Wind Blows” story and title track of the album

ONE HEART – Part 2 of the “A Cold Wind Blows” story…

I’LL ALWAYS MISS THE LOVE I LEFT BEHIND – Part 3 of the “A Cold Wind Blows” story…

DRUNKEN FOOL – Part 4 of the “A Cold Wind Blows” story…

IF I NEVER WAKE UP AGAIN – Part 5 of the “A Cold Wind Blows” story…

The “I Can’t Remember” video was a joint project between Palette Productions and Sowelu Entertainment, with Shari Belafonte and Sam Behrens.

Live Performance Videos:

A COLD WIND BLOWS – Live acoustic version

GIMME SOME LOVIN’ – a LIVE version of Debra’s latest studio single release

Debra Lyn (AKA Debbie Heavers) and Soulgrass – 2 LIVE songs and an interview from “KET’s Mixed Media” Show – 2002

Behind the Scenes Videos:

Matthew Burgess recording “Swim The River” at Palette Studio

Behind The Scenes With Jace Smith (A Cold Wind Blows)

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