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The brand new Dolby Atmos mix of "The Wexford Carol (Tom Billy’s Jig)," adding an extra dash of holiday magic to your season! ? We’ve also included Lily Rose Landen’s amazing Irish Step Dancing for an extra festive kick.

The "Ashes" Sampler Video! The album draws inspiration from the untimely loss of Tina Turner and incorporates elements of her life story, intertwined with personal experiences shared by Debra’s circle of friends. “Ashes” is a powerful and emotionally charged musical journey that invites listeners to connect with the profound and sometimes bittersweet realities of life.

BROWN DOG highlights the terrible "blood sport" of dog fighting. Although dog fighting is a felony in the United States, organized fights still take place. According to the ASPCA, estimates suggest that tens of thousands of individuals are involved in dog fighting in the U.S. Dog fighting has been banned in many countries as well, but it remains legal in others and the “bad men” continue to profit.

The I CAN'T REMEMBER TO FORGET YOU video is a joint project between Palette Productins and Sowelu Entertainment, with Shari Belafonte and Sam Behrens. This is the original video footage with an updated immersive arrangement/mix.

ONE VOICE is a song that Jeff Silverman and I wrote that was inspired by the state of the world in 2020. Not only were we dealing with a global pandemic, but we were also seeing injustices played out regularly on our nightly newscasts. At that point it sometimes seemed that this would all be very difficult to get through. But, there are so many positive things to look forward to and together we all truly can make a difference.


The “BLUE SUN RISES” lyric video featuring a 3D Binaural Headphone Mix. You can certainly listen to this on your speakers, but it’s best through headphones!

I PULL ME DOWN (The Maids of Mitchelstown) – Debra’s first release from her upcoming album.

WAYFARING STRANGER (Teaser) – the ending from Debra’s upcoming album featuring Lily Rose Fisher, Irish Step Dancing.

A COLD WIND BLOWS – Part 1 of the “A Cold Wind Blows” story and title track of the album

ONE HEART – Part 2 of the “A Cold Wind Blows” story…

I’LL ALWAYS MISS THE LOVE I LEFT BEHIND – Part 3 of the “A Cold Wind Blows” story…

DRUNKEN FOOL – Part 4 of the “A Cold Wind Blows” story…

IF I NEVER WAKE UP AGAIN – Part 5 of the “A Cold Wind Blows” story…

The “I Can’t Remember” video was a joint project between Palette Productions and Sowelu Entertainment, with Shari Belafonte and Sam Behrens.

Live Performance Videos:

A COLD WIND BLOWS – Live acoustic version

GIMME SOME LOVIN’ – a LIVE version of Debra’s latest studio single release

Debra Lyn (AKA Debbie Heavers) and Soulgrass – 2 LIVE songs and an interview from “KET’s Mixed Media” Show – 2002

Behind the Scenes Videos:

Matthew Burgess recording “Swim The River” at Palette Studio

Behind The Scenes With Jace Smith (A Cold Wind Blows)

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