Debra Lyn and Jeff Silverman Nominated for HMMA’s 2019 Producer/Production Award – Wayfaring Stranger

We are ABSOLUTELY thrilled and honored that WAYFARING STRANGER has received a Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) Official Nomination for Producer/Production. Congrats to all other nominees as well! This never would have been possible without the contributions and performances of all the amazing talent involved! ?

The song will be included in Debra’s forthcoming CD, BLUE SUN RISES, soon to be released on Palette Records!


To see a sample featuring Lily Rose Fisher, please click the link below.


Debra Lyn

Produced, Arranged, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by:
Jeff Silverman at Palette Music • Studio • Productions (MSP)
Mount Juliet / Nashville, TN

Vocals & Claw Hammer Banjo – Debra Lyn
Irish Step Dancing – Lily Rose Fisher
Irish Flute – Sean Cunningham
Irish Fiddle – Bill Verdier
Baritone Acoustic / Bass – Jeff Silverman
Drums / Perc. – Matthew Burgess

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