I PULL ME DOWN (The Maids of Mitchelstown) – Debra’s first release from her upcoming album.


I Pull Me Down (The Maids of Mitchelstown)

Jeff Silverman and I are both VERY excited to FINALLY share her newest video / single, I PULL ME DOWN (The Maids Of Mitchelstown). We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!!!

Sending a HUGE thank you to Matthew Burgess, Sean Cunningham and Bill Verdier for not only sharing your amazing musical talents on the record, but also for making this video ROCK (in an Irish, Celtic, Folk, Americana sort of way!) ? AND last but not least, MANY thanks to Heiko Gentsch for your incredible work editing the video footage and endless creativity, inspiration and support!


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In honor of her Irish roots, Debra Lyn and her Producer, Jeff Silverman have morphed the Irish / Celtic style, sound and instruments into her newest 2018 single release, I PULL ME DOWN (The Maids Of Mitchelstown).

This song features excerpts from the traditional Irish tune “The Maids of Mitchelstown” and is a prelude to her upcoming CD due to be released early 2019. Debra Lyn’s new album on Palette Records is going to feature original songs combined with other traditional Irish, Celtic and Appalachian classics and her unmistakably distinct acoustic Folk / Americana sound, style and performances.

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