“Blue Sun Rises” receives a five star rating from Stacy’s Music Row Report.

This, the Americana/folk singer/songwriter’s third (Nashville-based) Palette Records album, is a departure from the first two.

Debra Lyn’s inspiration this time around is found in the culture and music of her Irish/Scotch/English heritage.

The opener, Pull Me Down (The Maids of Mitchelstown) fuses original, navigational love lyrics by Debra and producer/arranger Jeff Silverman with a traditional Irish tune.

The title song finds our protagonist, no longer navigating the waters, lamenting lost love by clinging to the memories that remain.

Traditional British folk (Billy Taylor) and Scottish (The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond) songs follow, then, lest the listener stay ensconced in a European musical travelogue, Debra sings the praises of personal time (though, admittedly to the beat of Jeff’s Irish step dancing) with a universal theme titled Workin’ for the Money.

Love Will Never Die (featuring the traditional Irish reel The Star of Munster) is a tale of a heart denied choice, followed by Debra’s putting her personal stamp on the classic, Wayfaring Stranger.

Devil With the Blue Eyes is yet another diversion, conjuring familiar Christian imagery while Preacher Man challenges the judgmental who preach funerals with an agenda that overrides that of memorializing the deceased.

And you don’t have to be Scottish, nor even a drinker, to enjoy Debra’s rendering of The Parting Glass.

The finale, Ode to Billy Taylor (The Sun Rises Blue) builds on Billy Taylor, the aforementioned story-song, taking the sailor’s saga to a new level.

Debra Lyn’s stated mission is to honor her heritage with musical influences “intricately woven into original and traditional songs throughout.”

Mission accomplished!


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