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“I Can’t Remember To Forget You” receives an OUTSTANDING rating from Stacy’s Music Row Report.

It’s always exciting to encounter an independent artist who seems to be one elusive hit album away from being a major act. Debra Lyn is one such artist.

Major label signings usually come with strings attached: “We’ll offer you a contract only if you first agree to ditch your manager, your producer, etc.” Such concessions, at best problematic, would destroy the heart and soul of Debra Lyn’s music should she even be tempted to consider making them. For the singer’s husband, Jeff Silverman, produced, mixed and mastered these 11 cuts, any one of which would be enough to garner the majors’ attention, thanks to the “marriage” of Debra Lyn’s winning performances and Silverman’s production.

Beginning with a bit of fun in the form of “I Don’t Want A Man (Who Looks Better Than Me)” (co-written by Debra Lyn and Jeff), listeners get a sense of the singer’s originality. I Know and the title song sustain interest while “Sound of the Door” is somewhat reminiscent, if not particularly evocative, of George Jones’ hit recording of Billy Sherrill and Norro Wilson’s “The Door.”

Similarly, Debra Lyn’s recording of “When He Cheats” tells a tale that reminds listeners of Carrie Underwood’s hit, Before He Cheats. That said, Debra and Jeff’s song was not written nor rendered in a manner that impinges on the Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear copyright.

With the proper exposure, “Save the Mistletoe for Me’ could be a perennial Christmas hit. James and Me is esoteric, in a way that is a departure from the nine other original songs found here. But anyone who wonders why Debra Lyn covered the Harry Chapin classic, “Cats in the Cradle” – which could have been a dangerous move – will wonder no more upon hearing a version that is a cut above, say Cat Stevens’ version. That’s because Debra Lyn provides a slight, but refreshing lyrical twist to the Harry and Sandy Chapin original, similar to what listeners might have expected had Sandy had the hit on a song inspired by Sandy’s unhappy marriage to her first husband.

Debra Lyn definitely has what it takes to take Music Row by storm, as she will surely do if she follows the example of just being herself; an example for which she has no further to look than her Mount Juliet neighbor, Charlie Daniels.

10.27.08 – Stacy Harris

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